About us

Changing the industry standard

Through honesty, communication, care and attention, we build a bond with every customer with trust at its foundation.

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“We’re not just building homes; we’re building a flawless experience that our customers can be totally confident in”

We understand our responsibility

Our tenacious, trusted people work diligently to make Notre homes so warm and welcoming. Each home is carefully constructed to make our customers feel a sense of belonging.

We understand our responsibility – and everyone has a part to play.No one should ever have to feel let down at their home build, that’s why we make it flawless from start to finish.

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A completely unique journey

We build connections too, through honesty with our customers and our people. We take time to understand each other. With constant communication and transparency, the Notre team take the utmost care at every step of your journey – with personal touches right up until you’re ready to move in. That’s what makes your journey with us, completely unique.

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Our Values

We’re honest. We’re transparent. We keep our promises. We build a real trusting bond with our customers. We believe no one should ever feel let down.

We’re welcoming. We’re warm. We value each other from start to finish. We take time to listen, making our customers feel like they belong.

We’re considerate. We’re never too busy to communicate. We put ourselves in each other’s shoes. We get to know every customer and show how much we care.

We’re unique. We’re progressive. We understand frustrations and work to beat the industry standards. Every interaction is exceptional. Every journey is personalised.

Notre. A wonderful, welcome home.